Here is the Official Envelope to look for so you can vote YES TWU!

Our Mission

We are committed to establishing Our Union with the Transport Workers Union of America to bring fairness, mutual accountability, a respectful workplace and dignity to our workgroup. We look forward to electing a Negotiating Team who will have the authority to negotiate a legally binding contract we will be able to vote on. We are passionate about our careers and love our company. A YES vote for TWU will help us realize the power we yield united while restoring our core values and strengthening Our Culture.

Your Questions Answered

The amount we will be asked to pay is a total of $35.00 per month.

TWU will not ask us for any dues until our first contract is negotiated and ratified by us, the Inflight Crewmembers of JetBlue.

There are no initiation fees for newly organized groups.

Our Local Union will retain seventy percent (70%) of the collected dues to represent us at all levels with JetBlue. This amount will be used by our Local Union to pay the expenses of administering our Local’s responsibilities, such as legal fees, contract enforcement, arbitration costs, research, office expenses, lost time, etc. The remaining thirty percent (30%) of our dues are remitted to the International Union to support our Local in other matters, such as arbitration training, safety, lobbying to improve workplace conditions, and supporting volunteer organizers in their efforts.

A letter from Steve Roberts, Organizing Director of TWU can be reviewed B6 Dues Letter. TWU has communicated their dues policy to us via email, conference calls, flyers and letters many times over the years. After speaking with Southwest, Virgin and Allegiant Flight Attendants, as well as meeting with TWU leadership numerous times, we can confirm TWU dues policy that has been communicated to us as the truth! There is no initiation fee, no retroactive dues and none of us will be paying dues until our first contract is accepted by us, JetBlue Inflight.