Give Me 5

B6 Activists love JetBlue! Our culture, our unique brand of service and our success are things we value and firmly stand to preserve and protect. We are often asked by our coworkers, ?if you feel so strongly about JetBlue, then why Union??

Good question! We put together 5 of the most frequently heard reasons why JetBlue Inflight Crewmembers choose TWU for Union representation to ensure our voice is heard at work.

1. Solidify our work rules ? Changes that often negatively affect our work group are made with little or no Inflight Crewmember feedback. A Contract will ensure we have a voice and a vote.

2. Never alone ? Discipline meetings and other Management mandated reviews can be tough. Our Union will make certain every single Inflight Crewmember has a representative to help navigate meetings and stand up for our rights.

3. Grievance and Arbitration ? Today, if we don?t like a change to work rules or a disciplinary decision, too bad. What Management says goes. With our Contract in place we will have the legal right to grieve and be heard in front of a neutral party arbitrator.

4. Fair compensation ? We are currently undervalued employees working far below what our profession demands. Union workers enjoy higher wages and benefits. It?s time we take our rightful place.

5. Our industry demands it ? We?re seeing more and more airline employees form their Unions and secure their Contracts. One big reason for that is FARs are not meant to protect Flight Attendants. Only a legally binding contract and strong union can do that!

Do you have questions or concerns about our union or the journey ahead? Please make contact with us and one of our friendly activists will get back to you!  


Join the Activist Team

In preparation for Our Big Push to Unionize in 2017 we must have a large group of dedicated activists to successfully organize a workgroup the size of ours. The Activist Team talks about Our Movement while at work and helps measure current support to prepare us for our next authorization card drive. We keep it friendly and we keep it positive because there is nothing wrong with wanting to improve our lives at work while strengthening our careers by securing a legally binding contract.

We have prepared a short presentation which anyone can view and, if interested in getting involved sign up by following the link on the last page. Commit to learning about how Our Union would work so when you speak with other Inflight Crewmembers you can offer accurate information and respond to common questions and concerns. Please help us secure our futures by reviewing the presentation we have prepared for you and sign up at the end. The information you provide is confidential and not shared with the JetBlue. Your information goes to the B6 Lead Organizing Team and TWU to let us know you are ready to assist.

If we each take ownership of this effort and each of us puts in some effort?which would be as simple as having a conversation on every trip, then we can accomplish something great! Our Union depends on your involvement. Get involved today by reviewing the Activist Course and joining Our Movement. Click below or visit: