Government Shutdown and the Impact on the TWU Election

We wanted to reach out to you to share some disappointing news that you may have already seen in the current news cycle. Funding for the United States government ran out at midnight last night, and the Federal government is experiencing a shut-down.

Unfortunately, a government shutdown directly impacts the ability to hold elections to establish your Union. The agency who certifies our cards is the National Mediation Board (NMB). In addition to their job verifying the cards you and your workgroup submitted, they are also a Federal agency who is responsible for holding your election for Union representation. Since the NMB uses government dollars to operate, and the NMB performs “non-essential” functions, when the government shuts down, operations at the NMB come to a halt. Even if Congress is able to establish temporary funding, it is doubtful that the NMB will order an election. They will not want to hold an election only to have their offices shut down in the middle of it.

While this news is disappointing, this situation will be resolved. There is a long history of government shutdowns, and they all get settled for the long term. We just need to wait it out. And while we are waiting, the TWU Organizing Team is still working with your activist team to get you TWU swag, establishing protocols for our “Get Out The Vote” efforts, and preparing for the election that we are certain will happen.

We will keep you updated about the status of the government shutdown. In the meantime, keep an eye on your mailbox for your TWU pens, luggage grippers, and buttons. They are on their way!

In unity,
Your TWU Organizing Team