It’s Our Time – Vote Yes for TWU Selfie Campaign

As we continue to wait for the National Mediation Board to certify your election for Union representation with the Transport Workers of America (TWU), we are kicking off a “selfie” picture-taking campaign to show all Inflight Crewmembers that we are united and ready to form our own Union and negotiate our first contract.

Please visit our landing page, download a sign, and take a selfie of yourself holding the sign. You can print out the sign or download it to your personal electronic device and show your fellow Inflight Crew Members that you plan to Vote “Yes For TWU!” Please do NOT use your work iPads and make sure that you are taking your photo when you can engage in non-work related activities. You can upload the photo to us on the same page. If you send a photo of your crew, make sure they all agree to have their photos displayed on our website. Your TWU In-House Organizing Activists will also be carrying the signs so you can take your selfies to show your support. The Transport Workers Union is here and ready to support you!

Please fly safely and stay warm during this winter storm.


In Unity,
Your TWU Organizing Team