The Union Advantage

80% of the Flight Attendants at the top ten airlines in the United States belong to a union. This is a fact that all JetBlue Inflight Crewmembers should know and share. America is great because of democracy. The majority of the Flight Attendants in our industry have improved their lives at work and quality of life at home through exercising their right to unionize. We can do the same at JetBlue by voting YES FOR TWU.

The union advantage, under TWU is a democratic process of electing our leaders, surveying our members, bargaining with our collective strength and producing results we can accept or reject through majority vote. This upcoming election is a real opportunity to restore our values and strengthen our culture by voting yes and establishing our professional union under the TWU.

We are a major airline that makes major money. Now it’s our turn to take a major step to form our union that will represent and advocate for us in ways the IVC is not capable of. If unions are bad for business and culture, then why on earth are 80% of the Flight Attendants belonging to one? Why is Management, Team Leaders and IVC members so strongly against us forming our union? Think about it. Talk about it. When it comes time to vote remember why you signed that card and vote yes for TWU so we can take the next steps in securing and brightening our futures as unionized JetBlue Inflight Crewmembers!