Why We Chose TWU

Previously, there was discussion about which union to choose to represent our work group. Ultimately, it was decided that other unions were large organizations that gave us a “legacy carrier” feel, which wasn’t in line with our needs, desires, or culture. Once we assured TWU that we weren’t pursuing a relationship with another union, they agreed that they would help us in our efforts to collect the authorization card necessary to hold our election, win it, then secure a legally-binding contract and strong voice within our company.

We chose TWU because of their long history with Southwest Flight Attendants and their ability in assisting them with negotiating one of the strongest flight attendant contracts in the industry. We felt the cultures are very similar and our work groups have the same values and desires that we appreciate in our company.

Another clear testament to TWU’s commitment to standing up for workers rights is when the Allegiant Air flight attendants voted to be represented by the TWU in 2010. In 2016 a company backed decertification drive failed and Allegiant Air flight attendants voted for TWU a second time even before reaching a contract! When the flight attendants finally ratified their first contract in 2017 it sent a clear message to us: the flight attendants trust the TWU to listen to their concerns and stand up for them when they needed them! Negotiations take longer when one of the parties does not negotiate in good faith. It’s no secret that Allegiant Management despises unions and were not respecting the choice the Flight Attendants made. But TWU stayed focused, got tough, and planned strategically under the newly elected leadership of president Mr. John Samuelsen.

Every JetBlue Inflight Crewmember needs to know and share with their coworkers the truth that TWU absorbed the full cost of the Allegiant election, administering the elections and education of the in-house negotiating team. The TWU stood by Allegiant flight attendants while they weathered the many years of contract negotiations until finally delivering on winning a contract that was ratified by 70% of the Flight Attendants!

Doing nothing only guarantees us more of the same. If we vote yes for TWU, we are guaranteed that they will stand by us until we have a contract we are worthy of...no matter how long it takes!   

TWU has been fighting for flight attendant issues at many airlines for many years. In the unfortunate event JetBlue management decides they want to drag our negotiations along we can have confidence that TWU and their 140,000 members will be ready to assist us! TWU is a strong union founded in 1934 and they have experience in helping and supporting front-line professionals just like us!  

TWU also guarantees us local autonomy—something other unions cannot offer. Since our first discussions with TWU, almost 8 years ago, they have stood by us offering support, encouragement and guidance while we worked very hard to organize ourselves and that effort succeeded because THOUSANDS of you signed TWU authorization cards in only 2 ½ months, which sends a clear message that many of you are ready to VOTE YES! You are ready for TWU! When we vote YES we will not be making the journey alone. We have the TWU and the organized Flight Attendants at Southwest and Allegiant who will stand with us until we achieve our own historic contract! Remember why you signed your card. Tell others why you are choosing TWU and voting YES in our election!